Image of artist Moze in Pittsburgh




No artist wants to talk about his/her self, at least not this one, but here goes.  My paintings speak for themselves, most of the time what you see is what you get.  Under the tuteledge of Professor Gary Ross I, Moze, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.  After a number of successful shows in and around the Columbus area I decided to move back to Pittsburgh and eventually onto the world-wide web.  It is a goal of mine to have as many people see what I have done and to continue doing it as long as I can.

My inspiration comes from the everyday.  I draw upon the interaction I have with people, places and things one might not normally stop to appreciate.  A random encounter with a stranger on the bus, or an animal int he park can stir my imagination and produce a series of paintings.

Through my work I am attempting to break down images into line and form while maintaining the integrity of my subject matter.  Human and animal models especially lend themselves to this treatment as have been my favorite (to paint) as of late.  Color also plays an important part as I am constantly striving to find the hue which best serves the needs of the piece.

My style would best be described as "graphically fueled" art. Putting paint to the canvas translating ideas in a simplistic, yet refined, manner.  This unique blend has its roots in the pop-culture images of Warhol, Lichtenstien, and comic books that I grew up with as a boy in Pittsburgh.  The finer aspects come from the fine arts education that I received at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.