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  • Still Alive


    Although it would probably be great for the sales of my paintings if I weren't, I am still alive!  I will try to check in while I am in the studio and hope to start documenting some of the process.  Was honored to be a part of the Obvious show that was out in Millvale...great group of people involved with that!  New stuff will be on the way soon as I have a lot more time to paint!

  • greetings

  • New Pictures Added


    Check out the galleries section for images of my latest artwork, The New Organic. Contact me if interested in reprints.

  • Up and Running!


    Due to some technical difficulties the site was down for the past couple weeks.  However, the site is now up and running again and I will be adding some new paintings shortly.  Stay tuned!

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  • 3 Paintings Added to


    Three new paintings were added to the website today!  Check out "Twisted" in the Abstract gallery, "Entangled" in the Nature gallery, and "... and the Song She Sang" in the Character gallery.

  • Addition to Exhibit in Cleveland


    Moze will be visiting Wonderbar Cleveland Saturday July 31st.  He will be bringing one newly completed painting that has never been seen in public and 3 Giclee reproductions that have never been on display in Cleveland.

  • New Site


    Moze Artwork now has a new, clean, look and feel.  Keep checking out the site over the coming weeks as it's updated with new paintings and information.

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